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Originally Posted by 340hp View Post
It's been years since I last saw clips from that competition, and it's great to see it resurface again.

Hill Street is built up quite a bit more these days and illegal for skateboards, but bicyclists still attack it (with a segment on Strava to document the "Skyline Bomb"). Stopping at Temple's stop sign at the bottom today can be problematic with minimal run-off area, compared to the old day's when you could bleed off speed all the way to Redondo.

I noticed the City or Caltrans also fixed most of the fence access near the 22/405 so the dirt's not as accessible.

For those that care, LB Parks & Rec is still trying to determine what to do with the vacant land at El Dorado South under the power lines (the coyote hunting grounds south of Willow to the bridge & bordering the 605). I mentioned a BMX or combined Endurocross/BMX feature would be a welcome addition (and received a cold stare response from the Soccer Coaches). The reaction was similar to the attitude received when skate park areas were first proposed (not in the LBC, no need to attract the riff-raff, too dangerous). Talk to your City Councilman & Parks Rep to plant the seed for a legal dirt play area.
Yep, I used to bomb signal hill back in the mid 70's and still pass through the Temple and Hill intersection 3-4 days a week with a big smile on my face knowing what used to go on there. It's really just become a hill for the all of the fatties to walk up and down a few times until they realize it's too steep for them.

I'm a soccer coach and would totally support some sort of two wheeled access over there. But In know what you're saying, some of those guys are real assholes. Been going to the concert in the park series (El Dorado Park) here in the LBC for years and always bail on the music after I have a few adult beverages and take my son over to poke around in the weeds over there. We'd both be in there if that ever happened. I'd pull out my 24" for that.......
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