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Originally Posted by Lion BR View Post
Yes. But it can be done. Something tells me that rider in question made some critical mistakes...
I've not clicked the video so am not talking about that particular rider.

So I'll say it again, having nothing to do with someone in a video I've never watched, a big adventure bike can have a tall enough 1st gear that engine braking alone won't slow it down enough. And braking without clutch will result in a stall.

On a steep descent in loose conditions the rear alone won't have enough stopping power anyway. FRONT brake is needed and in those conditions I don't want ABS in the front. The rear hardly matters. On my bike with no ABS, I lock up the rear all the time. On my bike with ABS, I invoke the rear ABS all the time. The rear hardly matters in those conditions, it has so little braking power anyway.

It's the front where I would like the ABS off in loose dirt conditions. The rear could stay on for fuck-all it does. I have noted the folks posting about work-arounds and DIY on/off switches. Those sound like possibilities but I wish that the bike came from the factory with a more quick & easy way to turn it on & off. On a D/S bike that is intended to go back & forth from dirt to pavement, I think there ought to be.

On my ABS bike, the procedure is to stop and hold down the button until the light blinks. (I'll try briefly hitting the kill switch while in motion and see if that turns it off.). Then AFAIK it doesn't turn back on again unless I stop and turn the bike off & on. I would prefer it to be more easily switchable. My usual "problem" is that after a stop, I forget to turn it off again and then find myself riding along saying "shit I wish that was off".

I don't doubt it could be useful on pavement so don't necessarily want it disabled all the time since most of my big bike miles are indeed on pavement. IIRC, the more off-road oriented (higher ground clearance) version of my bike doesn't have ABS at all.
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