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Originally Posted by snowhawk jockey View Post
Cool write up TFB! I am curious if our 30l measurement is understated or if the Coyote's design makes the difference. I like how the Coyote shows its ability to accommodate large items with it's single envelope design vs. the luggage with multiple containers for the same capacity. Each has their place and benefit.

Yes the Coyote swallows larger items easier, for example my complete hammock, tarp, and down quilts fit into one compression bag and the Coyote swallows it a bit easier than the Overlander bag, also my Sven Saw does not pack into the Overlander yet the Coyote accommodates it. The Coyotes shape is a mixed blessing, on one side its can take large items easily however the complex curves are not as easily packed nor accessed as the rectangular bags of the Overlander.

After my testing and finding the volume capacities of the two systems did not seem the same, so very curious on your findings when loading the Coyote with the Pinto beans.
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