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Originally Posted by Orangecicle View Post
OK, not the shop guru, but:

1. Is there a free manual?

No. Buy the CD from your dealer or on-line.

2. Can the cylinders be bored or oversized?

No. Don't try. The cylinders have nikasil coatings that are either OK or . . . buy new cylinders. If you need a new cylinder, there's a guy in Orange Crush who just switched out his 950 for a 990SD replacement. Find that guy!

3. Best place to buy parts.

That depends. I like to shop online and buy locally. My local dealer will usually do what they can to match on-line pricing. Or, just buy locally and pay full fare. You need a local shop that can help you. I generally pay local prices if they are somewhat close to online prices because I like the local guys and they do A LOT to help me out. Build a relationship if you can. My local shop is only a KTM dirtbike shop. But the guys are awesome, and the knowledge they have about single-cylinder KTMs translates easily into the V-twin KTMs.

4. Head work.

Head work on the KTM is usually simple. Of course, mileage on the motor may drive a different conclusion, but my motor with about 34K on it just needed a valve lapping, new valve seals, and a very minor surfacing to clean up the aluminum so that it would cleanly accept the new head gasket. It's a much bigger issue if you need the valve guides changed out. My heads were fine in this respect.

Valve lapping is a very simple process of just using a tool and some lapping material to resurface each valve to its mating surface in the head. Easily done with a little work.

Valve seals come off with needle-nose pliers and go back on with an appropriate-sized socket. Very easy.

The heads just need a very minor touching to clean them. We did that at my local motorcycle shop just using an old marble block on which was mounted a sheet of wet sandpaper. You just have to clean the surfaces so that you have a nice smooth surface to work with for the new gasket, and you are good to go. Nothing more. Very simple.
OK Thanks a lot.

I need at least one cylinder and one piston. Plus cam chains tensioners, guides, maybe cams, shit this is going to add up fast and I'll still have a 60k bottom end. I'm going to do some more thinking/looking.
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