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Originally Posted by Jdeks View Post
I used one (the dakar) to take all those photos above.

Very good in sand. Fairly good one rocky trails. OK in mud, but not much lateral tractional in corners. Interesting on wet tarmac. Excellent mileage (3 return trips to and from sale-cbr, a series of weekend runs, and THEN the run to birdsville and it still had a bit of life left in it).

They are, however, the single hardest sidewall I have ever encountered. I ran one with a flat rear for almost 100km on the 950, and didn't even NOTICE. Couldn't break the bead, even with the whole bike up on the sidestand trying to press the wall in. Had to take it over to the local mechanic in Birdsville, and use their TRUCK tire press to get the bastard off.

So - If you'e heading out west, I'd recommend taking one, and leaving your spare tubes and tire levers at home.

That old tyre on the back of 'Kenny' doesn't like loose gravel!!!!,
It's a Pirelli MT13 [400x18"] - what's that one you've got off the KTM??
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