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Originally Posted by Jetstreamer View Post
The rally regulations say...

A comprehensive first aid kit shall be carried. The first aid kit at a minimum must
a) Antiseptic (ointment or liquid)
b) Gauze pads or rolls
c) Adhesive tape
d) Elastic/Ace bandage
e) Safety pins
f) Scissors
g) one “space blanket”
h) First aid manual.

I also must carry a "OK"/"+" sign to indicate my status if stopped and a reflective warning triangle.

As for tools (on bike as I race) I plan to have a CO2 inflator thingy, stock tool kit, small bottle of tire "slime", and a leatherman.

Is this missing anything? How is it carried/stored?
a. Yes, Oinkement is mandatory, recommend neosperm
b. Tampons work great
c. Duct tape works wonders
d. Check out VetWrap
e. Yep, plenty to choose from at the 5 & dime
f. Mack sure they're safety scissors, don't want anyone getting hurt
g. Milar blankets, readably available at your local Army surplus store
h. U.S. Army Survival manual a must

More truth than sarcasm above
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