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Originally Posted by Jdeks View Post
I'm just surprised that with all this talk of stiffness flying around, nobody's made a single pun. Not even ONE. Poor form, gents.

Hoots, I scrounged a Scorp Rally at about 70% for the trip BACK from BVille ( for $50, score!). It was a 140, so a bit narrow for the 950, but fairly comparable to the E09 TBH, just didn't last quite as long, and it would slip up on the tarmac pretty easily. Stil, not a bad tire, esp in the sand. I think you can see it on the bike in the dunes in the photos before
I made a bead breaker similar to the tyrepliers unit when I bought the 950. Tested that it worked before leaving home for the OCR in '08.Combination of the 950 rear rim & 908's had me a bit concerned. Used it on Micks ( mate of Atgreg) 1200gs at Adel grove, worked no worries. Never had to use it on the road. Its a bit heavy & bulky but no chance would I leave it at home on a trip!!
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