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Originally Posted by Hoots View Post
I've got a Motoz Tracionator on there at the moment ...

But it's wearing down fast ...

I had a Pirelli MT43 on before that - that was trials hybrid - I really liked the MT43 on the 690 on all surfaces - including loose gravel - but I had to drop the pressure down to about 11psi (really) to get it to grip properly and wear evenly - it goes against everything that seems sensible, but if you have faith and run it at a low pressure then it performs ...

Your bike may be too heavy, [never] but the 690's with extra tanks etc is not particularly light ...

I've got the same tyre on the 450EXC, and it's even better on that - climbs anything and doesn't bugger up the paddocks ...

EDIT: the caveat I should have added is that you need a rimlock and UHD tube to run the back tyre at 11psi ...

Running about 28psi, weight would have been a bonus!, felt like a flat tyre - then I realised it was wheel spin, doesn't happen often!!!
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