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After a couple of years of begging, because I had been exposed by my Dad's Nephew to the joys of a Triumph Bonneville. My parents bought me one of these for my eighth birthday.

I learned to ride, maintain, and wreck, on the dead end dirt road and horse riding trails around our house on that bike. Got my first concussion too.
Four years later I had obviously outgrown it and for Christmas got upgraded to a XL 70. After mastering the new bike on the dirt, I started riding pavement on the private drive of the Country Club my Dad worked at. Took and passed my M-drivers license test on my 14th birthday on it too. Riding the bike to school and work (yes I was working at 14), it became clear that it was too slow for busy traffic, plus I had another growth-spurt. . So I saved my money, sold the 70, and bought a XL 125 with my own hard-earned cash.
That lasted me through Jr. High and into High School, and taught me the joys of riding two-up.
I did get a car license at 16, and borrowed my Dad's van fairly often. Strangely some of my date's Fathers would rather see their Daughter on the back of a bike than in a van.

I got my '68 Z 50 in 1970. Same color as above. What a great little bike! I had it for a year before getting a Kawasaki 90 "Bushmaster" with 18 inch wheels and a clutch, at 14.
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