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Originally Posted by DELTATANGO View Post
OK Thanks a lot.

I need at least one cylinder and one piston. Plus cam chains tensioners, guides, maybe cams, shit this is going to add up fast and I'll still have a 60k bottom end. I'm going to do some more thinking/looking.
You can price out a rough estimate at Cheap Cycle Parts. There is a gasket kit for the top end that will give you most of the gaskets you need.

With the parts you need . . . I would guess that you would spend at least $1,500 if you can find the piston and cylinder used. Realistically, you'll probably be in the $2K range. Good used 990 motors can be found for about the same money - maybe just a little more. There is very little that you have to do to a 990 motor to drop it in place of a 950 and make it work fine with carbs.

Here's a link to a guy facing similar problems who decided to swap his 950 motor for a 990SD motor. Read that link, and you'll have info on a guy who has some 950 parts he's not using as well as some info on making the 950/990 swap. Note that 990SD motors have different gearing designed for "sport" riding, but that guy seemed to like it. YMMV
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