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Originally Posted by Cycletech View Post
The one thing that is different that I'm not immediately crazy about is the exhaust note at idle. The 950 engine had more of a 'big cam' lumpiness to it.
I noticed a difference in my 950 when I rebuilt it with 990 cams. My 950 cams were heavily pitted and looked like lava stones on their tips, and 950 cam replacements had CRAZY prices on them, so I dropped in the 990 cams. To the eye, the 990 cams looked less aggressive in slope as compared to the 950 cams. The exhaust note on idle sounds less . . . choppy I guess is the best word. Just what you would expect from a cam with more "egg" shaped lobes. And my completed 950 now seems a little less aggressive in acceleration, which works very well for my riding style.
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