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As soon as we got up Saturday morning we busted out the tools and tore into Trevor's bike. We were all so worn out from the previous day, that none of us really minded getting a bit later of a start - and we certainly didn't want a repeat performance from the XR (although it had behaved itself for the last several hours of the day before).

We pulled the carb, dropped the float bowl, and proceeded to spray the heck out of it with carb cleaner. We still aren't sure how or why it was leaking out of the float bowl drain, but we pulled that screw and cleaned it thoroughly as well - strange problem

Once we got the carb cleaned and the bike back together, we headed east on 717 out of the campground to pick up the trail where it crosses over. All of us were pretty excited to be back on the bikes - and Trevor's was running better than ever.

This is the part of the trail that takes you up and over I-77. It starts out as a dirt/gravel road, but soon tightens up with growth and becomes a rock scramble with streams literally running down the trail in some parts. We were all too busy bouncing off boulders to take pics - but a video is coming

For lunch we were just playing it by ear. We rode through Bastian and didn't see any place to eat. Thankfully we checked our phones and found a pizza place on the north side of town. They had just recently opened and it was REALLY good (especially since it was almost 3pm by the time we finally got to eat!)

From Bastian we rode back up the scenic hwy, back across 77 and then up some more gravel roads. This seems like a pretty popular spot to stop and take a pic:

Then came Hogback Mtn Road. O.M.G. This road is essentially a dirt road with a severe mud bog every 100 yards or so. The fun part is: you never know how deep it's going to be! You might splash through a shallow puddle, or, as Matt and I discovered, your bike might get swallowed

The first one that really got me I missed getting on video I rode in and about halfway through this monster puddle I could tell it was going to be bad. The front end sank and the rear quickly followed. I was straddling the bike paddling through the muck - exhaust was just about underwater. I had the engine revved out trying to keep it alive (and free of water) and somehow managed to push the bike through and up out the other side without stopping. I don't think I've ever been that close to being stuck and actually made it out. Really wish I had gotten that on camera.

Our bikes came out the other side just a little bit muddy

I was impressed that you couldn't see a spot of black on my exhaust, it was completely brown

From here we made it all the way to the Wilburn Grocery Store on HWY 100, then we just took 100 to 42 back into Bland, VA. Before heading all the way back to camp we stopped in bland to gas up and pick up a few more things.

After two days of bouncing down trails and over rocks, my kickstand was having a hard time staying up. It would bounce halfway down and then smack a rock and go back up. I guess this was a bit unnerving to watch from behind, so the guys suggested we just zip tie it up. That kept it in check for the rest of the ride - I just had to get a bit creative with my parking.

Goin for the holeshot:

Testing out the cornering on this beast.

We strapped some more essential supplies to Trevor's bike.

From Bland it was just a quick jaunt down I77 a few miles back to 717, and back to camp. The cool thing about doing this was we got to ride through the tunnel - the one that we had been on top of earlier that day. A few of us also got to test out the top speeds of our steeds. This is 100% all the little red pig can do, downhill.

Once we got back to camp, Andy had to pack up and head out. We said our goodbyes (I think we were all exhausted) and he hit the road.

After nearly 150 miles that day, it was time for some grub. We whipped up some hobo meals. Steak tips, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions and some cheddar all wrapped up in a foil packet and cooked over the coals.

The air was really crisp and cool that night, we all slept like babies.
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