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Originally Posted by viverrid View Post
I don't think that's the issue we are discussing here. I hardly think it's a real world issue as far as motorcycle fatalities are concerned when the most prevalent scenarios for a fatal crash are motorcycle runs wide in curve. Even with the dreaded left turning cage the issue is the motorcycle was going fast when the crash happened. It's not like stopping 5 feet shorter would have helped since the bike is nowhere near stopped when the crash happens.

ABS on the street seems to mostly help not dropping the bike when someone panics and grabs a big handful of front brake.

When ABS first came out in cars, there were many cars on the road simultaneously that had both ABS and non-ABS versions. The accident rate wasn't any lower with the ABS versions. People still drove straight into things with their foot on the brake whether they had ABS or not. Stops 5 feet shorter seldom actually makes a difference.

ABS isn't about stopping shorter its about maintaining control of the vehicle. ABS allows you to steer clear while applying maximum braking. If you don't know how to control your vehicle in the first place ABS isn't much help, which is probably why it didn't reduce any accidents.

When ABS was first introduce with cars people still pumped the brakes like they were taught in drivers ed....this negated the ABS.....
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