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Day 5 August 28 Radisson to Mirage Outfitters

The forecast for today is cold in the morning so we plan to leave at 9 in hopes that things have warmed up some. We meet in the ding room about 7:30 and dig into some breakfast porn

Western Omelet

Keith eats everything on the menu

Eggs Benedict

saved the best for last Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon

Then its off to the Esso Station (anyone besides me remember Esso?). While we are refueling bikes and extra cans the line grows. eventually there are 8 other BMW motorcycles in front of the station all doing variations on the theme of our ride. We are the only ones using Visa as our camping methodology.

We leave the station and ride 44 miles back down James Bay road to the start of the Trans-Taiga Highway

As you can see it is 358Km to today's destination

Gotta air down those tires

The start of the road

the road surface (sometimes better, sometimes worse)

And now a slight digression to explain where my mind is at the start of the Trans-Taiga. As some of you are aware I totaled my F800GS last year on the Continental Divide.
(picture here )
So I have a 20 minute or so memory gap surrounding the crash. I havve no idea as to what went wrong and what I need to correct. Therefore I don't know how I am going to react to some real gravel riding. I am very tentative as we start out. Fortunately I have good riding partners and they have a lot of patience (Bruce and Dana were on the Continental Divide ride and I was in the process of catching up to them when i crashed so they have some understanding of my problem). As we go along things get better and my "gravel legs" re-emerge so the ride goes well.
Back to the ride
First rest stop

Back on the road - view from a bridge

Here's what the road looks like some miles in

one of many dams along the way

Views from another break - note that this is like the Trans_Lab before pavement - you can enjoy the views or ride the motorcycle - trying to make that an and statement can lead to disaster

more of what we are riding

Neat bridge - kinda like the Rupert River Bridge yesterday

I ran out of gas again - this time covering only 56 miles from the time the fuel light comes on (yesterday was 59). This place was less than 2Km beyond where I stopped to empty the Rotopax. ( Nouchimi Outfitters next down was closed)

Everyone gets gas but me

Ice House

they have lodging

and seaplanes ( the Otter is $1175/hour to charter)

Rules for hunting

finally Mirage Outfitters

We have reservations for two nights and meals for both days ( they will provide us a with box lunch fol both tomorrow and Friday
The room (don't share with Keith)

not a lot of choice for meals was forced to have steak and baked potato (since my mother wasn't here skipped the broccoli)

Can 't go wrong at a place with rules like this

Today's ride was 261 miles in 9 hours

tomorrow I will take a rest day while Dana, Bruce and Keith ride to the end of the road. I am looking at the days ahead and think is the right plan for me
"A man's got to recognize his limitations"

there will be some sort of report and pictures tomorrow - there is a lot to see here.

In the small world department the guys 3rd and 4th from the right in this photo I met on the Ferry from Labrador to Newfoundland when I did the TLH in 2010. They had just come back form the end of the road and wer wandering back to Maine.

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