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Originally Posted by viverrid View Post
Yet the pro-ABS folks always bring up braking contests where the ABS stopped a few feet shorter most of the time.

Braking distance is less of a factor on 4 wheels than it is on 2. For the average rider ABS will brake quicker and with more control than with out.....think panic braking. Grab a handful off brake and the ABS will let you keep control of the bike and will stop the bike shorter than a non-abs bike when you grab the brake lever with the same force....basically because a tire with traction will stop shorter than one that is skidding. Obviously an expert rider can modulate the brake enough to create the same effect as ABS. Most of us don't have that skill....I know I don't.

Off-road the systems need to be more intuitive I think they have come along way in improving the i stated earlier Yamaha seems to be on the right track or the left track depending on what country you live in.
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