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Originally Posted by GatorJane View Post

That boy obviously has too high a percentage of caffeine flowing thru his veins....

the peanut gallery says

Dear ahendepe,

the condition of this bike is a SIN and you my friend are an IDIOT

- elginboy43

Dear ahendepe,

Are you for real? Is this for real?

- electracraft

Dear ahendepe,

Send it to Manila P.I., it will blend in nicely there with the jeepnies!

- mauigeorge

Dear ahendepe,

I have a PC too, and I baby it.... if anyone ever doubts how tough the PC engine is they can read the story of this bike.

poor poor PC. no bike deserves that treatment

you should abandon it at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa

- the_lorax_3

Dear ahendepe,

Does it come with any bungy cords?

- merfs426

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