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No Insurance? No Plate? No Problem!

I did things in Paraguay that I wouldn't even think of doing in Pittsburgh.

I had no vehicle insurance, but it's rare and doesn't seem to be required. If you have an accident that's not serious, most people pull over and settle it there. With cash. So I always carried some.

No license plate either. Now that's required, but I took informal surveys by looking for plates in the supermarket motorcycle parking. Never more than 50% of motorcycles had plates. It costs 500,000 guaranies (> $100) to process the plate, but only about 20,000 for the "ticket" if the police pull you over and you don't have all the proper paperwork.

I just put on my helmet and my high vis reflective vest, turned on my headlight and rode fast. In 2500 km over 4 weeks, the police always waved me past.
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