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Day #15 - Bryce Canyon NP, Escalante Grand Staircase NP & Capitol Reef NP

Once again wake up to creaking bones, super stiff bodies and geriatric movements more suited for a 80 year old than a 38 year old.

I make a mental note to stop with the hikes as it's taking a toll on me and at this point we're 50% of the way through the trip and we've only tackled 13% of the mileage (800 of 6,000 miles). Seriously need to step it up.

Pack everything up and get ready to roll. Go to swing my leg over the bike and TTWWAAANNG goes the lower back. Did I just throw out my back?

Yup! Should have stretched before getting rolling this morning. Make another mental note to start stretching a lot more.

No options at this point but to suck it up and pound a bunch of advil.

Pretty much every bump from the next 2 days was shooting lighting bolts up my spine. Brilliant. Oh well... roll on....

Get back on scenic highway 89 and starting peeling north until we get to the 12. Both the 89 and 12 are nice windy roads that you can put the throttle down on and fly through. Enjoyable ride with nice scenery but we were still in 90+ degree temps so we're trying to bang the miles quickly.

Roll into Bryce Canyon and this place is pretty dope. Very unique rock formation/erosion that sets up a pretty spectacular view.

Bryce Canyon looking to the left:


Bryce Canyon to the right:


Love this Pana Shot:


Mama & Bryce:




There was other viewpoints and places to hike but I wanted nothing to do with that with how my back felt. Time to roll on to the next destination...

Capitol Reef!

What we didn't know was right on the 12 highway there is another National Park that you drive right through called Escalante Grand Staircase National Park.

That ended up being a nice little surprise as it was twisty roads all the way with a nice change up of white rocks and red rocks with trees too. There was a river running through here and a deep red rock canyon that campers and other people were hanging out at. Looked really pretty but we didn't have time to stop and check it out.

The roads heading into EGSNP:


Parts of Escalante:

Sweeping fast turns:

Some a little tighter:

So far on this trip we've been dodging every monsoon and storm we come across. Somehow we just keep missing them even though they've been to our left, right, behind and in front of us. We pull into our hotels, check in and then it starts dumping. The weather gods have been smiling on us this entire trip as storms have been everywhere....

Well.... eventually all good things come to an end and as you can see in this pana pic we're heading right for a doozy on the right...


I'm holding out hope that we'll somehow the road will turn once again and we'll dodge that storm but we just keep heading towards it...


And into it we went. Fully rain suited up and it was pummeling us.

I guess the rain gods just wanted to let us know that they are in control for just a couple minutes because we turned a corner and BAM!

Burr Trail Grill!!! HELL YES!!!

This place is in the middle of nowhere so I was not expecting this. Apparently we weren't the only ones with this idea as there was 3 or 4 other bikes there waiting out the storm along with some cars and trucks.


Saw this on the menu and had to order it.


Hot/Good food and a dry environment makes mama a happy camper!


Food was great and the service was excellent if you ever pass this place. Highly recommended!

Waited out the storm for about an hour and then loaded back up and hit the road.

To be continued.....
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