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Originally Posted by Double H View Post
Motorcycling in off road conditions is about rider skill and experience. Using the excelerator, clutch, front and rear brakes, balance and body language are part of what makes the sport challenging, fun, and not for everyone.

Please don't take that away by forcing me to use ABS.
I felt exactly the same way. Especially after having read some of the horror stories of those with ABS that couldn't stop. It was the only thing about the Tiger 800XC that I had qualms over, and in the case of this bike turned out to be a non-issue. I have yet to find a scenario where I would want to turn it off. It really works that well in the loose stuff.

If ABS is designed to accommodate true dirt-style riding, and still provide all the advantages, it isn't a compromise.

We are on the cusp of technology that gets smarter as it goes along. For example, the reviews I've read about electronic off-road suspension sound like it will work well. Having a bike with suspension capable of constantly adjusting to changing conditions and ABS that does the same, may not be worth throwing the baby out with the bath water over. If it works well.

The early adopters will always be the ones working out the bugs with these systems. As the systems mature they will offer advantages to a proficient rider as well as to the casual day-tripper.

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