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The people who buy a given bike, who intend to use it for something beyond its intended purpose, but who fail to consider the need to alter it to suit their desire, are probably not going to consider the ABS-dirt relationship either.
My current big bike comes with an OFF button buy it's a PITA to use because I have to stop first and hold it down for long enough that it knows it's not an accidental touch. I have tried this while in motion (on pavement and knowing I was soon to turn off pavement) and it doesn't turn off that way. So I will experiment with some of the "back door" methods that not so much disengage it but intentionally cause it to be unable to engage (intentional fault).

The factory does expect people to turn it off, they build in that option. But they don't make it as easy as I'd like. Instead their response is to also make a no-ABS version which is not any cheaper and also has taller suspension and I don't know if the engine is "hotter" or not. I have turned mine off enough times that my glove rubbing on the "dashboard" has rubbed off the label for the ABS button!
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