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I called an Audible at the Line of Scrimmage.

I woke up this morning, don't believe what I saw. 100 million bottles washed upon the shore... Wait, that's a Police song. I got up today and broke camp "Slow." I did a load of laundry, because I was in dire need of some clean sox and underwear. Other than that, I took my time packing up and leaving. I soaked up all the sun I could while loading up the bike.

I looked on the map from and there was another loop of passes that I could ride in the immediate area. I was in Innerkirchen and I realized that I could take Sustenpass, then St Gotthardpass and then Nufenenpass and I could make another big loop. Since I might not ever make it back this way I figured it would be a shame not to ride all those passes. I took off out of Innerkirchen and rode straight up the Sustenpass. The scenery was beautiful. Some switchbacks and some open valley riding through pine forrest. On the way up I passed a big yellow trike with a smaller bike trailing behind. When I stopped to take my first batch of pictures they caught up with me and we talked for a bit. Turns out, the folks on the trike were the parents and the girl on the motorcycle was their 16 year old daughter, riding a 125 on a "Big Mountain!" I think that's pretty awesome for a family vacation.

Riding up Sustenpass.

Sustenpass Friends

On my way up to the pass I was passed by a Swiss Army motorrad unit. I didn't know there was such a thing, but I saw it with my own eyes. I saw these dudes behind me in camouflage riding black BMWs. I let them ride by and sure enough they were a military unit. Later on, I stopped on the top of the pass to take pictures and buy a sticker. I'm trying to cover my panniers with stickers from all the places that I ride. I've also added patches to my mementos on this trip.

The top of Sustenpass.


Any way, I made it over the pass to Wassen and then I headed back toward Andermatt. On the way to Andermatt I linked up with 3 bikers. One on a Ducati, one on a Transalp and the other on a BMW R1200. There was quite a bit of twisting and turing on the way up to Andermatt and the road wasn't a bad ride. I lost the other riders when we got to Andermatt because I had to pull off and fill up.

I left out of Andermatt and headed up a to the next town and the St. Gotthard Pass. The initial climb out up the pass was twisty but then the pass turned into a big straight highway. I made it to the top and I was a bit disappointed. I stopped at the top for lunch and coffee. It was about that time that I was becoming very aware that I was really tired, but a break and some coffee got me going again. I noticed a cobblestone road going down off the pass on the Italian side and I had remembered something about an old pass road in the reading I did prior to the trip. I followed the cobblestones and I was rewarded handsomely. This was the old road still in its original state. Cobblestone switchbacks all the way down the mountain. All of a sudden Gotthard pass was one of my favorites. (And it was a long way down!)

Bikers a top Gotthardpass.

The entrance to the old road at the top of St Gotthard pass.

Here you can see the old and new roads for St Gotthard Pass.

Taking a pause for the cause before we tackle the Cobblestone!

The Twisty Cobblestones!

The next pass to get me back into Switzerland proper was Nufenenpass. The climb up this beast was awesome as well! Really twisty climb to the top and the view from the top was spectacular. I stopped up there for another coffee, a sicker and a pastry. You know, keeping it fancy. I rode down from the mountain snapping probably 100 GORPO pictures. (Those will be uploaded once I get home.)

The top of Nufenenpass.


I made it to Ulrichen and I decided to ride back up to Grimselpass to get to Interlaken. The road from Ulrichen to Gletsch is almost like a pass itself. Lots of twisting and turning and the frequent whiff of burning brakes from the vehicles coming down. There was one hairpin-left-hand-turn where I got blasted by a gust of wind and I had to correct to stay on the road and out from under a truck.
On the way to Gletsch I made a few stops looking for a steam train that is supposed to run through this valley, but I couldn't find it. I've always liked trains and perhaps this is a reason to come back?


The Ride back over Grimsel was like yesterday but better. Today I had dry roads and I could see! It is also worth noting that I did not put my rain gear on once today. I am in Interlaken now. We will see what tomorrow holds.


Riding down Grimselpass.

The Grimsel Sirens
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