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Bum bag, or strap it to the tail of the bike. I carried a small pack with my H2O bladder and tools. Empty the sand out of the base of the emergency triangle. You'll need a small roadbook holder. They're around 25 bucks from Moose. Get a watch and strap it to the bars, you'll need a second hand but it's best to go digital. Bring a sack lunch when you go to noob orientation. Those mother fuckers like to talk. 3-hrs. But seriously, most of the shit that goes on in there involves the cars. Bunch of great guys/girls that race NASA. I think I've officially retired as it's just not cost effective for me. Have a blast! Oh, go ride in the sand, the most tore up sand roads you can find for training.

Originally Posted by Jetstreamer View Post
The rally regulations say...

A comprehensive first aid kit shall be carried. The first aid kit at a minimum must
a) Antiseptic (ointment or liquid)
b) Gauze pads or rolls
c) Adhesive tape
d) Elastic/Ace bandage
e) Safety pins
f) Scissors
g) one “space blanket”
h) First aid manual.

I also must carry a "OK"/"+" sign to indicate my status if stopped and a reflective warning triangle.

As for tools (on bike as I race) I plan to have a CO2 inflator thingy, stock tool kit, small bottle of tire "slime", and a leatherman.

Is this missing anything? How is it carried/stored?
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