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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
You didn't give me time to congratulate you on the new bike before giving condolences for the crash. You're quick! At least it doesn't look like any serious damage was done to the important parts, so it should be good as new after repairs. Good call wearing the gear.

Sorry to hear you haven't had time to get the tires broken in to really appreciate them. I have the same Pirelli Scorpions on my Aprilia Dorsoduro, and find them to be brilliant on tarmac. For an adventure bike in the Bay Area, they are the perfect balance.

I suppose you'll be looking for some good adventure spots soon. When you get a free weekend, head through Gilroy over Pacheco Pass (careful of the wind gusts) to the Sierra and check out some of the mountain passes. You can camp on the other side, and ride back Sunday. There are a lot of forest roads on the west Sierra, and wide open spaces on the east. If you like to fish, its time to invest in a hikers fishing pole that packs small. PM me, and I'll show you around Sonora Pass.
Ha! Sorry! I in a sense didn't have time to appreciate the mere look of the bike until it went down. Daisy is in need of some serious bandaids! Luckily, everything worked out and the insurance is covering it all!

Yeah the scorpions are WAY more street oriented than i am used to. Personally like the look of the Shinko 705
I had these on both KLRs and have worn off the edges more than the middle... I love these hand down but i am not sure if they make them on the Tiger. I have always had these types of tires all my bikes, (even tried getting em on my Vulcan 800). But i do like the look of the Scorpions as well. idk man i already got a good amount of work to do in order to wear these bad boys down. How do they handle in the wet? I am gonna try to avoid the rain... sometimes i just ignore the weather man and get caught in the rain.. I personally love riding in the rain. Not the first few but middle of rainy season wet rides are really cool imo.

yeah though man i am down to go! I was supposed to ride highway 1 all the way to Ventura this weekend... but that ain't gonna happen But i got weekends off now so i will have a better chance to go on rides I actually plan on riding to Tahoe in October for Oktoberfest! Two days of riding and one full day of drinking! Three days of awesomeness! Let me know if you are down!!

Any other takers are more than welcome!
Drive?! Why?! Cars have too many wheels... just makes me feel... awkwardly stable... I'll ride thank you!v
Not knowing where you are going in part of the adventure! :loll
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