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Originally Posted by AK Smitty View Post
Today we are stuck in Guatape due to truckers strikes and road blockades, trying to get to Medellin to get Maya valves checked and it aint a happening thing.

Guatape is a damn fine place to be stuck!!

I was stuck in a coffe protest back in March. Not much you can do. The Colombians can be very passionate about their causes. For my situation there were hundreds of road blocks w protestors and tress cut down. I think the protest went about 16 days.

Andres at the KTM Dealer in the Poblado area of Medellin is the man. He was very nice and helpful to me eventhough I ride an F800. Had some great ride suggestions and knew all the places to get other stuff. Lots of shops in that area to get anything you need. Name brand and knock off. Ruta 40 BMW also went above and beyond.

There is another KTM shop just a couple of blocks from the legit one. The guy is nice but he is not an Authorized KTM dealer. Just has an orange shop and deals in a lot of used KTMs. The word was he did good work.

Medellin can be pricey especially in Poblado but my 3 days turned into 8 or 10 before I knew it. I suspect your camera issues will only increase in that area!!

You RR is keeping me going at work. Thx[/QUOTE]

Heya mate, yeah it will be what it will be with the protests, Guatape is cool and we went for a local ride today.

Depends on the truckies really as far as we go, maybe get to go tomorrow but probably not, any sign or issues and we will stay put and enjoy more of Guatape.

R2R KTM have contacted us so we are taking Maya there for teh valve check and a few other odds and sods, also close to the Shamrock too.

Least now I can get some more reports up to date ... no excuse now eh ... and glad to hear they keep you occupied at work
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