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Originally Posted by stainlesscycle View Post
i thought the same thing when i first saw his elevation - but 170 is standard main, and he's on 155... so it's pretty close. (edit - he was on 155 in the beginning of the thread - now 165? if it's burbling on 165 go leaner...)

if it burbles and won't get on the pipe, it's probably still too rich on the main... or your needle jet is all messed up or your needle setting is way off - is the needle jet seated all the way in the carb body, and is it clean and undamaged? i have seen the pin come out of the carb body that holds the needle jet... causes all kindsa wonky problems... i've also seen the split float style carbs loose their pins that hit the float arm and the float flops around on one side and lets all kinds of fuel in... your needle jet could also be all wallowed out ...

so with the correct needle does jetting now have an effect on how it runs? if the pilot circuit is good, have you moved the needle around yet to see if there's a change?

only way for it to use a bunch of gas is (afaik): too high float level, way big main, wrong needle jet/jet needle, cracked overflow tube, blown reeds..

i drop a size every 1000-1500 feet increase in elevation... i'm at 2500 feet to begin with, so i generally gotta go up a size everywhere i go around here..
It burbles the same on the 155 or the 165 (or the 170 for that matter). Same burble, just different quality, if that makes any sense. Can't tell if jetting has any effect outside of that, really. Moved the needle up and down, honestly i can't tell at all if that does anything.

The pin is in fact broken in the needle jet tower thing, but the little shroud is facing the right way, im pretty sure thats just an indexing pin anyway, there's a brass washer sealing things up in there. The little shield/shroud thing is a little bent up (one corner is slightly turned down) but i can't imagine that being a big problem. That's the only damage that i noticed, but i'll yank it out (again) and check to make totally sure its not wallowed out, along with making sure the air jet is clear all the way to the needle jet.

Float height is ok, everythings working in there. No overflowing or anything (put fuel on it on the bench, didnt overflow). Float height is good, reeds are good, overflow is bueno, main jet (i think) is around the right size, needle is correct now, dunno about the needle jet.

It feels alot like a intruder i did with a blocked air jet. Just non nondescript awful running.
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