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Originally Posted by anotherguy View Post
I never realized you were that far up. DOH!

A rule of thumb for the main is 1 size per 1000 feet gained in elevation. You ever look up the stock high altitude jetting for the bike? I cannot seem to find it anywhere online.

I'd start at the pilot by one size down. Tune that circuit. Then on to the needle/needle jet. And then on to the main. Until the bike runs well.

Man I missed the most elemental part of the equation. My humble apologies.
There's no tuning to be done yet that i can tell, it doesnt run good enough long enough to get any kind of throttle chop data, and i'm getting seriously goofy plug colors and conditions out of it, along with using too much fuel (i think). There's something wrong with it outside of jetting. I've jetted other 70s two strokes before and it's a slight improvement one way or the other, or a snitch more power, or a little smoother idle. It's vitally important, and its additive like you say (as far as i've read the idle jet doesnt do anything while the throttle slide is open, physically speaking, but that's a different thread).

I'd like to find out what's wrong with it before i start changing jet sizes around that may possibly mask the actual problem it's having. Same idea as not just setting the float height wicked low because it seems to run better with no fuel in the bowl.
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