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Day 4 Catch up


Montana is a very windy place. Last time I was here I couldn't get a room cause of all the construction crews building the Turbines. Making lemonade out of Mother Nature's lemons. Wind is a resource now.

The road to nowhere? Seemed like it at times.

Connectivity here in the mountains is limited. I just lost my whole write up. F!!!

Edit: I'll try this again!

Repost of day 4 map.

I really underestimated the size of Montana. Wow. Beautiful, rugged and desolate. It has it's major cities but for the most part it's rolling pasture as far as you can see. There's no excuse for hitting animals or getting a ticket as nothing can hide from view in daylight. We seen our first Tumbleweed and it was hilarious! Almost alive, it approached the shoulder, looked both ways then darted to the centreline. Seeing us it retreated like a full throttle hare back into the field. When we reached the spot it had been we were bounced side to side in what may have been the start of a "Dust Devil" or "Whirling Dervish". We owned the road for the most part and it was great to take in the views and snap pics without worrying about speed or lane wandering. There were a few construction stops where the heat from the engine radiated up like an opened oven door. The fans came on and the LED's went red. The heat and added resistance was stressing the charging and cooling systems. We began shutting down and dismounting till we got the go ahead sign.

With our jackets fully opened it wasn't too bad while moving except that you scoop up a lot of bugs, esp the dwindling honey bees. I released one PO'd bee without his stinger but didn't feel anything. Bec was in the gas station washroom and started to shriek. I ignored it cause that's her reaction to any type of bug however small. She came out with a bee sting on her shoulder all embarrassed as we stared. HA HA!

We found a hotel in Grand Falls that was iffy. It had condoms in the vending machine. We were done though and everything was a few steps away. Gas, beer and food. The idiots beside us had 3 dogs and were worse than children, running around yelping. We were kept up till the wee hours listening to grown men baby talking the dogs. "Speak" ARF! "That's my girl. Good doggy. Who's a good doggy?" My thoughts..."Who's an A Hole? You are, that's right! Such a big A Hole!" I'm a light sleeper while Bec could sleep in a rubber rescue raft in a storm.

Day 5 had me tired and grouchy.
Life is a Rollercoaster and I'm not strapped in!

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