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Originally Posted by stainlesscycle View Post
pilot jet does have an effect when slide is open, but yep, that's a whole 'nother thread.

if the carb body itself is wallowed out and the needle jet is 'loose' it could pull tons of fuel up. that could be a problem. that little ding in the needle jet? could be a big impact on how the fuel atomizes..

if your jetting has no effect, fuel is getting there some other way.....

how bout this - does the air screw have any impact? when you close it does it stall, and when you open it does the idle increase till it gets flat sounding?
Yup, screwing it in will slowly lower the idle till you have to hold the throttle to keep it going, taking it out all the way increases the idle a bit and eventually it dies that way too.

Runs like a swiss friggen watch on the idle circuit if you just barely crack the throttle.

Searched all over the place for a good used carb, none to be found. Found a couple on ebay for later dt's, but its a different (bigger) carb with different jetting. They had quite different induction parts, rather not have to also try to fix that at the same time. I suppose i can pop down to the salvage place and see if i can pick the right carb out of literally hundreds in the 'carb room'...
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