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Day 1!


So the day finally came when we were to head to Toroweap with some soon to be biker buddies. As most of you know, the other half of our group had started early in the morning and we were to meet them at Jacobís Lake at the end of the day as we werenít going to leave Phoenix until after working a half day at our J - O - Bís. The day started off fine as we were glad to be getting out of the office. The plan was for me to meet David at his house which is basically at the I-17 and Happy Valley Road and we would distribute the groceries appropriately before heading off. We werenít sure how long it would take us to get up there and we didnít want to be rolling in on sleeping bikers/henchman late at night, so we were hoofiní it with the hopes we would get there before they fell asleep. Little did we know that they ride slow

We took the most direct route to Jacobís Lake via the I-17 to the 89 up along the Vermillion Cliffs, past Lees Ferry and up on to the Kaibab Plateau. If I havenít impressed on you yet the time we were trying to make, I think the lack of photos here will. Highlights for the ride up included, double rainbows, prancing unicorns, cooler weather, and 3 bedraggled ADV riders who couldnít believe their eyes at how amazing we were. The last part I believe happened somewhere close to Gap, AZ. Who wouldíve thunk that we would have caught and passed our new riding buddies? Anyways, from here on out we all rode together the rest of the way to Jacobís Lake where we promptly found some beers and food before settling in for an evening of tall tales.
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