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Day 2!

Day 2! Saturday!

Today was the day we were going to test our grit against an unknown that had been looming in the back of our minds for the last month or two; the dirt road to Toroweap! It started off really nice :)

Paul and I stopped and I accidentally let slip the forbidden words that couldíve jinxed us for the rest of the trip! ďMan! If the road stays this nice, this ride is going to be cake!Ē The road godís were good to us though and let my rookie mistake go unnoticed... well, maybe.

Carry on boys!

Robin poses for a photo or two.

Donít be fooled by this photo. Brianís bike makes dust like itís a commodity. You canít see the road when he comes flying by you.

Eventually the two, er, most well matured riders caught up with us.

Approaching the toughest part of the trail, I stopped to snap a few more photos before I had to concentrate on the road more.

The wide open spaces were awesome!

Eventually we reached the half way point and approached the edge of the canyon which was the first pucker moment. The second pucker moment was when David came running up to the edge and climbing on rocks that overhung the edge of the canyon walls. That kid is nuts!!!

Can you spot David? He found a neat spot to stand where you could see all the way down to the bottom of the canyon very well. I could hardly take the photos while I watched him leaning over the edge to get a better look.

His next stunt would be to pretend diving off the ledge into the abyss. :o

Meanwhile, the old guys sat on their bums and did weird yoga moves on the rocks.

This is about as risky as I get when getting close to the edge. Just mere feet away from a couple thousand foot drop just gives me the heebie jeebies.

Once again, David has no fear for the drop off. He just hangs his legs off the edge.

This gives you an idea for scale.

After a while of snapping pictures, we had a visitor come and see if we were dead yet.

Deep thought pose.

Layered two different images here. Tried getting a photo of David jumping over himself off the ledge.

After running around taking pictures, we headed back to the bikes to see what the others were doing and grab a bite to eat.

Lunch consisted of duck butter smothered all over bread that had corn beef which Paul informed us comes from the corn hole muscles of a cow. Mmmmmm! It was good!

After quickly gassing the olí 250 up, we were on our way.

After a while we noticed that Paul and Bill were nowhere to be seen. We decided to take a break and wait for them.

15 - 20 minutes later, still no Pill to be seen (Paul + Bill = Pill.... maybe? No? :) ). So we hopped back on the bikes and returned the way we came to see what happened. We quickly found them buzzing down the road in our direction. Once we turned around and caught back up to them and stopped, we found out that the dirt road godís hadnít forgot about the chastising that Paul had given a rookie like me for saying how good the road was and promptly threw a boulder at his rear tire and flung him into a tree/bush where he flopped over the handlebars and onto his back! Paul had injured his ankle a bit, but it wasnít bad enough that a little Man Up Spray couldnít fix it! Sure enough, we all hopped back on the bikes and off we went to try and beat the building thunderstorm on the horizon.

We eventually made it back to the tarmac and David and I decided to head back towards Jacobís Lake and head south to find a few more roads to buzz around on while the old guys find their happy place at a restaurant in Fruitopia (more commonly known as Fredonia, but Paul dubbed it Fruitopia on this trip).

Our new riding buddies had started calling David and I Batman and Robin on this trip and told us that we were going to have to get new screen names on ADVrider now. I thought those names were probably already taken, well maybe not Robin :)

Here are some pics of the sunset we found.

Looking the other way we thought it was neat how the sun lit up the burnt trees and the billowing dark clouds.

As the sun dipped on the horizon, it turned the sky all kinds of colors that ended up looking like something out of a cartoon.

Eventually the sunset show ended and we found a good spot to watch the stars come out while we ate our duck butter and bread.

We managed to have some fun with the 30 second exposure on the camera as well.

It eventually started to get really cold so we headed back to the cabin to meet up with the other guys and have a few beers and see who could have the best laugh. Brain always had the best analogies. Something about something being as useful as tits on fish and something about something standing out like a fart in a perfume shop were a few that used throughout the night. Robin and I also had a competition to see who could withstand a choke hold longer before going to sleep compliments of Brian. Robin won.
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