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Day 4: 8/4/13
Salina, UT to Gunnison, CO 416 miles, continued.

Heh. Make mud your favorite!
We had a lot of it on this ride.

Here are a few more pics and stills from the mud hole.

Me, falling in the mud while Matt laughs his ass off...

Look at that nasty glop - you canít even see Bartekís tire.

The SE gets a Colorado spa treatment...

Matt called for a strap to pull out Scottís bike,
but we were too busy taking pics.

Hereís mine. Blurry.

At least Lica got a good one!

When we left his house in NV,
Scott had suggested playing a game where weíre awarded a letter for every bit of adventure we experience.
To see who could spell out "adventure" first.
Starting with ďa,Ē then ďd,Ē etc...
I think he was up to ďNĒ (adveNture) at this point.

I took a couple shots of the guys pulling, then went to join them.

I think Scottís Colorado welcome kiss was a nice, juicy French kiss

Donít worry, Scott - we know itís not your fault.

I was hoping that the GoPro might have captured some of the lightning.
But, all I saw was this:

OK, laughing time is over.
Back on the trail.

It was still wet and rainy.

With lots and lots of mud.

We got out of the forest and onto the pavement...

We waited for Scott and Bartek, laughing about the crazy mud.

Osito said, (in that super-laid-back way of his) ďIíve never ridden in the rain before...Ē
Holy shit - Osito!!!

The rain was still coming down, so we found some shelter...
the park bathrooms/picnic area.

Unfortunately, it hadnít all been fun and games - when Scott and Bartek pulled up,
we were upset to hear that Bartek had had a crash on his way down the mountain.

Oh, no!

He had slipped in the mud and hit a fence (going pretty fast).
It looked like he had injured his shoulder.

Testing it out.

It was pretty bad. Bartek was in a lot of pain.
The group had a fair amount of injury knowledge between them...
it was determined that Bartek probably had a partially separated shoulder.

(Polish swear word - last time I used it in a ride report, I got Bartek in trouble. )

What really sucked is that now Bartek wouldnít be able to do Schofield Pass with us.
That was coming up next.
Actually, we were worried about how he was going to get out of here, period.
Even on the slab, it was going to be hours to Gunnison (we had room reservations).

He took some pain pills (just strong motrin) and said he would be fine.
Those Polish guys are tough!

Matt helped program his GPS to show the way to Gunnison.

Scott had already ridden Schofield Pass before, so he generously offered to go with Bartek on the street.
I think it made everyone feel a little better about splitting up.
Thank you, Scott!
We knew Bartek was in good hands.

Consulting the map.
Matt and Radek were confirming the way to get to Marble and then Schofield,
Scott and Bartek were checking out their route to Gunnison.

We were at Vega State Park -
Google says that this is the way Scott and Bartek would have gone if they did all highway,
BUT from what I understand, they actually rode a lot of the same dirt we did, just more carefully.

Maybe someone else will chime in. *ahem*

Blurry map showing where we were going. Vega - Schofield - Gunnison.

It was getting late, so if we were going to do Schofield, we had to go.

Scott and Bartek had a long ride ahead of them as well.

When we did our Summer of Stupid ride and rode Black Bear Pass (2up with camping gear),
I got lots of PMs afterwards.
People wanted to know if we were going to try other tough (for ADV bikes) passes,
like Schofield Pass and Pearl Pass.

I had never heard of either one of those, but you know they went on our short list for next time.

We had a pretty tight schedule,
so if we were going to do Schofield it had to be today.
Right now.
Even though it seemed like a really, really bad idea.

Blurry pic just to show the ominous clouds...

It was around 4 pm. That didnít leave us much daylight.

It was still raining pretty hard. Here are some blurry cows.

Did I mention that it was cold?
We were all feeling chilly.

Had a tiny bit of slab to get to Marble.

Here we are.

Fire truck for Bob! See, Iím still always thinking of you, Bob.

Beaver Lake

We must be getting close

Blurry again...

Lica, enthusing about something.

None of us had ever been here (only Scott), nor had we done much research.
All I remembered were photos of the Devilís Punchbowl and the old wooden Mill.
Also, that there was going to be a water crossing at some point.

Once we left the town of Marble, we figured it would be pretty straightforward.
I donít think anyone was paying attention to their GPS screens.

Here we go!
Wow, it starts off steep and slippery...

It wasnít long before we were sliding around.
These rocks were SUPER slick. Like they were covered in Crisco.

The mud was no better.

Hoo boy. This is going to be fun.

Up ahead of us, Lica went down - Radek almost did, too.

Behind us, Osito was down.
It was only a matter of time before the schoolbus ate it, too.

This was going to be slow going.

Steeper than it looks.

At one point, Lica was helping ride Ositoís bike through a tough spot.
It was still super slick and steep.
When he lost forward momentum, Lica tried to save the bike instead of dropping it...
and ended up tweaking his knee.

We could hear everything in our Senas.

Oh no!

We were worried about Lica, but those Romanians are as tough as Polish guys.
He said he could continue on.


The longer this went on, the more tired everyone got.
Matt was exhausted from wrestling the schoolbus - our weight was killing him.
We went down right here and I landed on my back, head facing downhill...
I was able to get up but it took some work.
(looking back the way we came)

The second time we fell, it was even worse.
Same thing happened (I went turtle), but I got wedged into a big rut.
Help! Matt had to pull me out.
(I thought there would be video of this, but the GoPro was off)

As we were resting (these bikes are so freaking heavy to pick up, especially when theyíre facing downhill),
Matt looked at the GPS more closely.

Mother brother!
We were off track!

After all that, we werenít even going to Schofield, we were going up some other mountain.
We had missed the turn, waaaaaay back there.

Monkey fighter!
We had just wasted an hour of daylight (and massive amounts of energy)
on the wrong freaking trail.
Later, Radek said it was called ďDead End TrailĒ (I think he saw that on his GPS?)

So, it was time to turn around and experience slipping and sliding DOWNhill now...

Looking at the video, I can see where we missed the turn...

Back at the very bottom, there was a fork.
To the left is the road to Schofield/Devil's Punchbowl.
If you keep going straight, you end up on Dead End (or whatever itís called)


Letís try this again.
Now that everyone had been down at least once...
And Lica was hurt...

And it was after 7pm...
Did I mention that we didnít eat lunch today?
Schofield Pass, here we come...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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