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Most DS bikes desined (not just manufactured) in the last 4 years are built with the new Bosch (Japan) system 9 ABS unit. It is a quantum leap in ABS design and in no way to be confused with previous systems.

AFAIK these include the 2014 BMW GS, the new Triumph range, the Yamaha Super Tenere (the first to have it) and I think it is now incorporated in the KTM 1190.

Notably it is not included in all previous GS/GSA versions and the old KTM 990 series which were both designed before the System 9 was developed.

These is a lot of bollocks spoken about ABS not working off road and I agree with regard to the old systems. I had an 09 GSA that I swapped for a 2010 Super Tenere.

I scared the shit out of myself with the GSA on a wet grassy slope on a farm expecting the brakes to work at least to some degree and they did not at all. The tyres were TCK 80s. When I got the S10 I swapped the tyres over from the GSA so using EXACTLY the same tyres I tried the same brake test on the same piece of wet grass. The S10 just stopped without any drama as though I was a riding God which I am not.

It was the same with the TCS, which uses the same electronics. The GSA would allow a big wheelie before waking up and slamming the bike down on the deck. Fun in the dry, scary on a wet corner. The S10 will only allow a wheelie of around 1" before reducing the power (as opposed to cutting it off) and it will not allow the rear to step out unless the TCS mode is changed.

On top of this, the S10 specifically is further enhanced by using magnets in its wheels (92 in each wheel) whereas the others use the old 'Hall Effect' type sensors.

Anyone that bases their ABS experience on anything other than a bike with this new system needs to do some research and try it out properly.

I Have done 24000 miles on my S10. I ride off road a lot of the time with luggage and 2up with absolutely no regard for whether my brakes will or won't work. They just do.

This is my wife and I a couple of weeks ago on Engineers Pass at 12,800 feet. We rode back down a jeep trail directly to Ouray (not the easy route to Silverton). Anyone who knows this trail will testify that this is horrible.

This is the resulting damage to my bash plate. Whilst my bike lacked ground clearance, it did not lack any braking ability. It was flawless as I am sure all newly designed bikes are.

See here for more details....

and here....

And this is a quote from here.....

With its Generation 9 motorcycle ABS, Bosch offers a scalable braking control system for all motorcycle classes. And by offering new additional functions, the company will provide motorcycle manufacturers with precisely tailored solutions for additional safety applications. For example, engineers can add an off-road version or a traction control system to the diverse Generation 9 variants. In 2013, both functions will feature for the first time in the 1190 Adventure and 1190 Adventure R by KTM. “The many variants of the Generation 9 motorcycle ABS and its additional functions allows us to satisfy the requirements of all motorcycle makers and their customers,” says Fevzi Yildirim, general manager for motorcycle safety systems at Bosch.
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