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Too close too home

I read your story with great interest. Good reading and pictures.

I have seen your rig in and around the Seattle (Puget Sound) area a time or two, and also on some side car site (Enumclaw? I can't recall). I always wondered who you were. Looked at some of your other travels. Awesome that you can travel with a pooch like that. That is a nice setup as well.

Your story hit close too home, as my son and I were up in the Yukon this summer on a grand "Father-Son" advneture and he crashed his bike due to nothing under his control, thus ending his trip (and didn;t do much for my morale either as I had to ride home solo ... It can be a real bummer for sure. I am glad to see you and the pooch are alright. I hope to see you around sometime (either here or in the PacNorthWet in person). Hopefully you can get that awesome sidecar rig repaired and back to tip top shape. It's a beauty for sure.
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