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Day 5- 720 kms.

There's too much red there, we actually started mid Montana. Oops.

As we travelled further north and higher in elevation, the temps dropped to the 20's making it far more comfortable. Bec signalled to pull over and we zipped up all our vents and she put on a sweater. Finally a use for the sweaters! Here I took the old car pics. I thought of the Clampet's from The Beverly Hillbillies. The road ended and as we stopped I pointed skyward and said "Safe or Sorry?" meaning "Rain gear?" She's not afraid of rain and just shrugged her shoulders so I took it as "Whatever" and I proceeded. The instant we let out the clutch a massive bolt of lightning struck what seemed to be right in front of us (still expansive prairies) and Bec hauled off to the shoulder immediately as the sky opened up on us. It had looked like the road went through a clearing up ahead but no, not my luck. It was a welcome rain but the temps dropped to 12 so we were now cold. Grip heat, check !The beautiful highway 2 into the mountains toward the western side of Glacier Park had us all cold and wet. We arrived at the Park entrance and walked around the shops full of trinkets pretending to be interested as we warmed up. The sun came out so the park ride was saved!

The Going to the Sun road through the park is so beautiful with it's mountain lakes and snow capped peaks. It was busy but it didn't matter that we travelled below the speed limit. Minor construction delay but who cared? We had an early dinner at a stop after exiting.

Lack of planning got me again. We didn't realize the Canadian Border was so close. Passing up the shops and BEER, we proceeded to a lonely Border crossing in the middle of nothing. With one bike ahead of us, and a jaded Agent, it took maybe three minutes tops. Nope, no alcohol sir, dammit.


I could turn my phone on again, use my Debit card and find me a Tim Horton's! Alberta is much like Montana at this part except everyone drove in the right lane unless passing. Just sayin'. Good visibility meant high speeds! Change Zumo back to metric.

It was at Tim's I called Cory and you know that story already.

Pics will follow given time!
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