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Originally Posted by Whec716 View Post
i'd like to hear about your mixed feelings on the rekluse.
The Rekluse definitely makes the 990 easier to ride in technical off-road conditions - no more engine stalls either. I installed it after riding a rocky/technical section of the OBDR (The guy following me said he had never seen a 990 ridden like a trials bike ) and my impression was that this is a lifesaver. Totally transforms the bike. The only thing you need to get use to is limited braking with the engine. You can still use the engine to brake but sometimes you need to blip the throttle to reengage the clutch.

Everything was great until I attended a Jimmy Lewis Off-Road class. Now, I want more control over the clutch and I haven't been able to figure out how to do that with the Rekluse installed.

So, my mixed feelings are, the Rekluse clutch is great but with a little effort and training, not having the auto clutch may be better. The good thing is, it's only about 30 minutes to remove or install. I'm planning to remove it and go riding to see what I think. I may find that I still can't ride like Jimmy and just stick it back on. The other option I want to try is to back out the adjustment screw on the clutch slave to see if that gives me the control I'm looking for. This would be the best of both worlds - auto when you want it and manual when you what that.

BTW - On road the Rekluse is useless IMHO
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