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Day 25 & 26

NomadGal sent me a PM saying she's be darned impressed if I was able to stick to my schedule. It was a 35 day trip and so far so good.

After having done 5 multi-country/state rides over 3-6 weeks each time, I can say that my level of success and enjoyment is directly proportional to the effort I put into research and planning ahead of time.

Adventure riding is not a vacation. It's work.
It can be minimal if you aren't bothered by missing something historical or beautiful or sleeping in a tent behind a gas station or missing your flight home if your bike breaks down.
It can take months if you want riding partners, see important things along the way and enjoy good accommodations and food and have back up plans for emergencies.
This ride to Alaska as you all know was my first long distance solo ride. I did it because of special considerations like, US speaking, USD and CAD currency (simple and easy to get), I knew people about halfway there, I had a base camp in Anchorage with Mark and also some homestays from people on ADV along the way. I had a solid back up plan with points of exit (places to store the bike and access a bus or flight home all along the way) so whatever could go wrong, I had options.

But enough about that....time to talk about one of those wonderful home stays in Wasilla with J&K on ADV.

Their massive house.

Got to wash the Tiger. It was incredible how much mud came off my bike and I hardly rode in any rain!

My room downstairs with my own private bath.

Met the in-laws who were excellent hosts and we ate delicious homemade dumplings.

And meet Jade and Kelly

Kelly's baby.

Jade's baby.

and meet Stella. The sweetest dog I've met yet.

She was very shy but I eventually got her to relax enough to let me scratch her tummy.

They had a really good washing machine so I threw in everything including my boots because the zipper was so packed with dirt and mud that I was worried about breaking the darned thing if I kept forcing it.

I had a great night of sleep, avoiding going into Anchorage and had plans to meet up with Russ at Sheep Lodge for one last serving of that 3 berry crisp.
We agreed to ride from Anchorage all the way to Beaver Creek in Yukon and skip Tok to get as much miles as possible covered. We had a ferry to catch in 2 days time and no room for error.

It was mostly uneventful. No cool animal sightings. Some good food again at Fast Eddy's. A light rain just before the border. The same 5 miles of dirt right after crossing then arrived at a campground and pitched camp.

The thing I was pushing for was to make Kroschel's the next day.

Get ready for some amazing photos.....
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