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Originally Posted by DRONE View Post
I don't read a lot of RR's, but Grizzlee posted up on my recent RR so I wanted to come on over and read this one.

I guess I'm not a true Adventure Rider because every time I read an RR about going to Prudhoe Bay I come away with the same conclusion--I NEVER want to ride to Alaska!!! Eye candy scenery and all that but OHMYGOD the misery this trips seems to inflict! And the awful roads!

Anyway, clearly great pics and a great adventure for father and son. I think, though, my favorite pic of the whole trip was this one--
Did you mention what kind of boots they were?

I can't recall the make of his boots. Maybe SIDI or BILT. The armour was ripped off of both boots. His right foot was swollen from somthing that poked through his boot (you can see it in the picture). His other boot looked nearly identical... the toes shredded and the sole was ripped off. Amazing that his toes were uninjured. He did the right thing and didn't put his feet down. The panniers, the handle bars and the crash bars gave him a protective cocoon. Had he put his foot down he may have been thrown from the bike or broke it (and/or his leg) pretty bad.. who knows...

Regarding never wanting to ride to Alaska. I wouldn't hesitate to go again. It is a challenge, more so than riding in the states. Inclement weather is always to be planned for as are tools and extra parts. A trip to Alaska requires a big time commitment, more so than most other lower 48 trips. The remoteness alone makes planning more of an issue and one should always have their gear in top shape before leaving. But, “sheet” does and can happen at anytime. In our case, I don’t think there was anything that we could have done to avoid this problem, other than not go. Not going because of the unknowns isn’t any fun and not a reason not to do something. It’s part of the adventure. I’ve done a lot of soul searching on this over the past month. Believe me, it isn’t easy to think about what could have happened vs what actually happened. When I didn’t see my son in the rear view mirror and I turned around to go back to see what happened, the last thing I expected was to Johann standing there with his boots all ripped off, his pants shredded and his bike in the ditch. This image is vividly etched into my mind. I still wrestle with it, but I think I have come to some resolution. We’ll see. I just got a call today. Johann’s bike has arrived in the port of Seattle. I am not sure what will go through my mind when I see it again.

We hope to go back someday and finish the ride. Johann feels a bit cheated. If we do go, it won’t be all the way to Prudhoe bay though. We will go somewhere else. There is always the ferry option in Washington State... take our bikes up and then ride back...

BTW Drone.. You are an Adventure rider. Just as much as the next guy.... Keep on doing what you do. Hope we can meet up in the PacNW someday. If you keep riding, it will just be a matter of time when our paths cross
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