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I still vividly remember the day I had packed up and was heading north from a year of living in Mexico...back to the US. I keep think fuck I don't want to leave and head back to that consumption and work obsessed pit. But alas I needed $ and it wasn't happening in Mex. I was changed forever by the trip and the things that seemed important are not. I'm working on a plan to return an I'm guessing you'll do the same.

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So a quick word on Puerto Lopez. I was very unimpressed with the town itself. It is a good jump off point to the National Park since it is only a few kilometers away. The town had no real appeal to me activity wise or ascetically.

As for what a contrast! The town is constantly alive, well except for early in the morning. It is like San Juan del in Nica on on RedBull. It seems to have it all. There is a great break right in town and lots of activity on the beach. It seems to be mainly Argentineans and Chileans that vacation here. I met and talked with a lot of both and they seem to just be overly friendly caring outgoing people. Especially Argentineans! We had so much fun there 2 nights turned into 5 and once again the schedule was slipping away. The days went by fast between socializing, surfing and hanging on the beach. It was a great time. For me the center of town is a little much and on my next visit I would opt for a little more chill part of town.

We arrived on a friday which normally is overly active but due to the election there was no alcohol for 3 days. Well at bars at least. Tiendas seemed to have no problem selling beer if you put it straight into a bag.

On monday the town came alive! Prohibition was over! We were told it is like this every Fri and Sat. Would have been nice to find this place about 7-10 years ago. It is a lot for an aging guy like me.

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It is only one short street so it is not as crazy as it looks.

This little bars line the streets making fresh fruit cocktails and all cranking different music. It funny at first then not. haha I hope this movie will play. These guys are the best!

Here is the beach and one of the nicest hotels.

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There is for sure a party scene but also a big surf scene and lots of people being active and healthy. People jogging and just enjoying the town. Many good restaurants and places to hang out. I liked to get a big beer at night and just sit on the curb and people watch. There is also a large hippy following here. I don't normally care for that but it seems to work here.

Our hotel from the beach

The town

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Another great sunset

The last one like this I will see over the Pacific for some time.

So Pawel was feeling the schedule pressure and was off a day ahead of us. He had a friend in Southern Ecuador that he wanted to visit. Mihai and I were walking around that last day and he asked me my plan. Actually he said "what are you going to do?" This was my answer: "I don't know. I dont want to do anything. I dont want to pack, i dont want to ride, I dont want to leave, I dont want to stay."

Oh know I thought to myself its happening! My one remaining feeling was starting to activate! I usually just cruise and dont worry about feelings but the end of the trip was starting to weigh on me. Let me clarify about not wanting to stay. i didn't want to stay in the centro anymore. i could have stayed for who knows how long and surfed everyday. I also need to say for a guy that is a decision maker and a driver this feeling of truly not wanting to nothing may have been a first in my life.

I knew that once I turned that front tire north and parted ways with everyone headed south I was admitting a lot of things I didn't want to accept. I was admitting I didn't have the guts to quit my job months ago. I was admitting it was time to get serious about logistics and plane tickets. I was admitting the end was near. I actually thought can I just stay in Montanita and just remain in limbo? I wanted time to stand still here but unfortunately it doesn't even though it feels like it does. I admitted I was packing and leaving in the morning for Banos. I had to do something I didn't want to. The polar opposite to what this entire trip is and has been!

I still am totally appreciative of the opportunity I have been give to accomplish such a trip. Something this good you just dont want to end!
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