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Keep life simple and you'll still continue to explore.
To hell with the Jones and all their crap.
Don't buy a house or new car = debt slavery.
Eat simple.
Buy ALOT less as having things does not bring happiness.
Save your $ and explore.
After this time away from the US, you'll be very aware of all the advertising onslaught you get when back.
Throw away the TV and be happy with your existing equipment.
If you do settle with a women make sure she's 100% on the same page or she will squash your dream.

Originally Posted by AK Smitty View Post
Work is a 4 letter word but a means to an end. I am damn lucky to be where I am in life at my age.

The blog is a battle but I know in the end it is for me and family so that keeps me going. I am just shy of a week behind now but I keep a journal to keep it all as real and accurate as possible. I am also not a real stickler about proof reading or punctuation as I am sure you have noticed. It is for me to remember the highlights and others to get some information. I am not writing a book here.

Thanks for following along and the positive words. I am already scheming my next adventure!

To ride or not; if a person doesnt go to AK in their life they are missing some of the most amazing nature to be seen in the world. It is a very special place!

I do have a mac book pro and it is holding up like a champ after 2 crashes. If money were no object I would get a mac book air. Once this hard drive takes a crap in mine pro I will be replacing with a solid state.

I do have a 3l Tourtech jerry can(mounted on non-exhuast passenger foot peg) which is enough to get me out of a jam but fuel has not been an issue. I am not sure yet what I would get rid of but something. I am like a girl with a eating disorder that looks in the mirror and always sees a fat person; every time I look at my bike I just see too much stuff. No matter how much stuff i get rid of I always see myself as a fat girl. From seeing others I am on the middle to light end but it is still too much!!! Smaller tank bag comes to mind. I hate my current one. Smaller back pack for day hikes.

Just point it south and make a list of places you don't want to miss. Planning in my opinion is a complete waste of time b/c the plan changes daily. You gotta be dynamic or you will miss more than you see!

Thanks again for following. No plan for from Florida yet. Maybe visit my sister in VA. Its all up to US Customs!!!
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