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Spezjag is too kind!

Thank you, Spezjag for your kind words! YOu and your brother were terrific corner mates and it was an honor flagging with you two. It is my sincere hope we can do it again next year.

And the rest of this message is to everyone who volunteered for duty at both COTA and Indy. First of all, my apologies for not posting this sooner....sometimes life is a process of cramming 5 pounds of stuff into 3 pound bags and the time just got away from me.

OK, enough of my whining. Here is the inside word on ALL the ADV people that stepped up to the plate: YOU ALL ROCK! The true Powers That Be (and I am not in that group, for I am a mere peon) have acknowledged that each and every ADV person who volunteered was a significant asset to conducting a safe and efficient race meeting at both venues. Without you, we really would not have had such a successful event at Indyand COTA and our entire flag crew really did get kudos from USAC, AMA and FIM, among others.

And now, for a few comments on COTA. I've been biding my time in addressing COTA and those of us who attended this year certainly recognized a few, uh, shall we say, kerfuffles. Now, having said that, again the contributions of ADV were significant, neccessary and most welcome, even if some of the people at COTA had no idea who we are.

And one of those people is no longer with the track operations.

Now at the helm at COTA is a truly great man of motorsport, Mr. Mel Harder, formerly of the IMS. I have every confidence that next year's COTA MotoGP will provide us an infinitely greater worker experience, with the teething pains well past and a much smoother overall operation.

I urge everyone here at ADV to consider both events next year. I'm gonna try to do the American Trifecta, flagging at COTA, Laguna Seca and Indy, which may very well be the last time in my lifetime that we will see three Moto's in the USA. Dorna has made it pretty clear that 4 Motos in Spain and 3 Motos in the USA are one Moto too much at each venue. May the Force be with me on this one!

But I do hope everyone that hung out on a corner this summer had a great time and I think we can all agree that the racing at both COTA (such an amazingly beautiful facility!) and Indy were spectacular! WE get the best seats in the house and they aren't even for sale.

And again, my sincere thanks to everyone for the excellent work this summer.

Now onwards to 2014! Hmmm, think next year Mr. Marquez wil be defending his championship??
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