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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
I still vividly remember the day I had packed up and was heading north from a year of living in Mexico...back to the US. I keep think fuck I don't want to leave and head back to that consumption and work obsessed pit. But alas I needed $ and it wasn't happening in Mex. I was changed forever by the trip and the things that seemed important are not. I'm working on a plan to return an I'm guessing you'll do the same.
Originally Posted by eakins View Post
Keep life simple and you'll still continue to explore.
To hell with the Jones and all their crap.
Don't buy a house or new car = debt slavery.
Eat simple.
Buy ALOT less as having things does not bring happiness.
Save your $ and explore.
After this time away from the US, you'll be very aware of all the advertising onslaught you get when back.
Throw away the TV and be happy with your existing equipment.
If you do settle with a women make sure she's 100% on the same page or she will squash your dream.
Eakins reposting that Montanita post just had a big effct on me! Thx I had forgotten my own words.
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