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Vivian, I don't mean to get personal here, but I've been reading your posts about your wife learning how to ride and the subsequent mishaps. And I've come to the conclusions, that you probably aren't the guy that ought to be teaching her how to ride. I taught my wife how to ride, starting out on a KTM500mxc 2 stroke on the beach at Pismo (no, she couldn't kick start it), then a YZ250 2 stroke, then a GS500 twin, GZ250, then a Sportster, then my Ducati S4 916. She never hit the ground on the street. But I was a nervous wreck, if she was going to fast, especially on the Duc, I'd get past her and slow her down. I never led her into shit I didn't think she could handle, and she seemed to have a bit of self preservation instinct. But eventually, she stopped riding. Of which I'm glad, there worst thing, in my mind, would be to see her bouncing down the road.

Now, it appears you led your wife into this one. You being the more experienced rider and all. And no, ABS wouldn't have saved her. ABS is a helpful addition, but it does not replace riding skill. I think if you continue to do this stuff with her, you are.going to get her killed or suffering some major injuries, and I'm 100% serious about that. Get her some real instruction, or get her off a bike before its too late.
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