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OK, not sure I am going to be of any real help to be honest, I am no electrical geek but can do the basics but this I am unsure of.

The first photos are from Guatape, Colombia yesterday, the next photos are from when we broke a wire of in Flores Guatemala.

These looking forward on the left hand side

The white wire is our repair as we could not get the fitting in the box

Looking down from the top

These looking from the front to the blocks on the true left hand side, note some wire are lopped etc so it is w a y above me.

The broken red wire comes from the RHS euro switch and is part of the engine on / off circuit, the rest of the wiring is headlight stuff

I tried tracing it back but it goes into a wod of wires in all directions, it is a birds next in there so I have cable tied a lot up but will get back in there one afternoon again this time with rum as well, I can see I can plug and unplug to detangle things a bit.

So I did my job, cut the negative wire to the headlight and fitted a simple off/on switch, I wanted a warning light to tell me when the headlight was off but that was too much for me.

The switch works perfectly to turn off the main headlight and leave the LEDS running, this mean nearly full power goes to the fans, the audibly run much faster without the headlight on.

Now the funny part, when I turn the headlight off the main beam indicator light comes on!!!

I can't figure that out, anyway, looks like I got my indicator light
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