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Originally Posted by SgtDuster View Post
Riding course first and then let her learn form her mistakes. I mean, it's how we all learned, right?
We've been over that before. She took and passed the riding course. The riding course is all at low speeds on a level paved parking lot. No dirt.

There was another thread where another inmate wrote about his wife being newly licensed after taking the course, in which she did great. So she went riding around the block in their own neighborhood. She didn't come back so he went looking. He found her down only a block or so away, she'd been cornering hard and went over some sand or gravel. She didn't know why she went down. He showed her the gravel. She asked "that made me crash?" And was sour on riding ever after. She didn't have any gravel on the MSF range and it wouldn't have made her car crash.

However, my wife also took and passed MSF-dirt. But that's all low speed on a range smaller than our former back yard (we live in town now). No transitions on & off pavement.

We have talked about her crash. In hindsight I would have stopped on the pavement and waited even though it was not necessary. But she says it was her decision to turn. She saw me go in and thought she could make it too. She could have if she'd turned WHERE it was I turned, rather than WHEN it was I turned. She was well back and if I had time to brake so did she.

Because she doesn't ride woods, her bike has more of a dualsport front and has a LOT more front grip (either braking or turning) on pavement than my bike does. Not quite as good on a dirt road, but I don't think ANY front tire would have gripped enough for what she did.

My DRZ has a knobby front, I know it can be pushed braking on pavement as long as I keep my weight back. I don't know if it would actually stoppie if I put my weight forward, I've never tried. I doubt it, I think it would still push.
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