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I don't know if she is going to keep riding her own bike. Seemed like she was really getting into it, zooming around and enjoying it. She was really enjoying riding.

She's done fine in the courses as they are repetitious exercises, they show you what to do first and then you and everyone else in the class repeats it. She does great in that but it seems like the infinite variations of the real world are too much.

I don't think it would have mattered if she was riding first or if I was first, if you brake & turn like that going from pavement to dirt, you are going to go down whether you are the 1st, 2nd or 15th rider. And this was only right up the road from where one of our kids lives. He lives on one dirt side road, this was a different dirt side road. He wasn't in town at the time but we left her bike at his house. The only bike damage was a scuff on her topcase. Didn't even break a turn signal or lever.

She wears her gear and has never had any significant speed in any of these dirt crashes, but somehow manages to get banged up once a year. OTOH though she has had stall/drops on pavement, she's never been injured there. Maybe she just needs to stay on pavement which would be too bad since she likes the wild and scenic dirt roads.
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