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Originally Posted by WVhillbilly View Post
Any dirt riding courses in your area?
She already took & passed MSF Dirt Bike School. I thought it was kind of lame & tame. She already had her MC license and had ridden dirt roads on every ride (since we lived on one).

She likes riding as passenger but due to my medical situation I'm not going to be able to do that much longer. The hope was she'd get confident enough to keep riding on her own after I'm gone. She hasn't wanted to ride by herself, except that where we used to live she got used to doing the same 10 mile loop so would go out and do that by herself.
Advanced pancreatic cancer found 04/2010. Have outlived +/- 97% of patients with this diagnosis, but 08/2013 cancer now in liver, vascular system and lungs with 20+ lung tumors. Sick/weak sometimes, not riding much. No more treatments & now under Hospice care.
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