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Thank you Guymanbro, for taking this aspect of CroMag on. I am certain there will be much fun had, and stories to tell when you all get back.

Please do listen to his admonitions. He knows well of what he speaks.

Just an FYI, I finally got a Geiggerrig hydration pack myself and it is the bomb. Thanks to Cromoth. They have a thread in Vendors that will get you some doodads with it. Little guy caught an edge and cut in front of me saving it as I was pointed down hill at speed this winter on a boiler plate day on about a 15 pitch. Had to give up the edge not to kill him and did the slide for life for about 100 yards. Figured the pack would be junk...not a thing wrong with it. Bladder did not even burst. Everything else I had in it was crushed to smithereens...but the pack was fine. For those who know the impact that held up to, that is good advertising. Say nothing of the whole squirting thing which is pretty handy on the bike. YMMV. But a good way to stay hydrated out there.
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