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Wow... what a debacle of a thread...

And to think that this thread started off by asking - where are the Nat'l riders? This might have been an interesting topic. As a former Nat'l (event) organizer, pro level minder and support rider, I have been surprised by the attendance levels at recent Nat'ls.

The pics of the terrain at the AZ Nat'l look amazing and appear to be much prettier than the AZ National I rode a few years ago near the petrified forest. It's unfortunate that more were not able to participate in this event.

Personally, I stopped riding Nat'ls, in large part, because the Support class presented too much risk for my skill and age.

Regarding the digression that this thread took... the top National classes do not necessarily correspond to local classes. Most local clubs would consider themselves lucky to have a single Nat'l Pro or Nat'l Expert level rider and to build a line for Pro would be to build a line for one rider. The Nat'ls are the opportunity for those top riders to compete against others with similar skills - something that they can not usually do at the Local level.

Expert is a class for "old" Pros that want to step down or for future Pros that are not quite ready to step up to Pro. All of the other classes are basically there to allow the National event to succeed on a financial level, i.e. it's financially challenging to host an event for a few (1-2 dozen) Pro and Expert level riders. I believe that the addition of the Clubman class was, in part, to help shore up flagging attendance and maintain revenue...

it is sad that this thread became a vehicle for personal attacks. The personal attacks are not helpful in the least and they are, IMO, very misplaced and completely inappropriate. Please stop.

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