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Originally Posted by Woland View Post
No way I'd be willing to teach a loved one how to ride. I leave that to the professionals with a clean conscience.
She already went to classes to "learn to ride". She learned to ride and we were out riding. At what point can she just "go for a ride", never since she'll always be learning and she can't ride with me while she's learning? Aren't we all always learning?

I'm not supposed to teach her how to ride, but I am supposed to get us headsets so I can tell her, "when we make this turn be sure to ease off on the brake before you get onto the dirt", isn't that telling her how to ride? Which is it? We'd already ridden 30 miles, should I have been talking her through every turn, when I'm not supposed to tell her what to do?

The one thing different about this turn was that it was the only time since I don't know when, that the transition from pavement to dirt involved a turn. We had been riding every weekend. All our rides involve both paved and dirt roads. All the other recent transitions involved riding straight past the end of the pavement. It was the first one like this in a while, maybe all year, and it got her.

This is in our local area, I'm pretty sure we've been around it before in either cars or bikes. We certainly have driven by it many times since the paved road is a to-and-from route that we've used many times. It's how we'd get from where we lived for 15 years, to and from Walmart if we went to Walmart. We don't actually go to Walmart itself but to the other stores in that vicinity. It's not like she is unfamiliar with the area, her son lives on a different dirt side road just a little ways down from this one.

She just rode poorly. She could have come to a complete stop on the pavement. I almost did to wait for her to catch up. But instead I braked, released, rode around the turn and then stopped to wait for her. She "short cutted" the process and went right for where I was while still braking, and she crashed.
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