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Day 4: 8/4/13
Salina, UT to Gunnison, CO 416 miles, continued.

I can’t believe we started our day at 5am in Salina...

When we left off, our little group was finally on the right track - heading for Schofield.

It was getting late, but we caught a break - the sun had come out.
Blurry, but look - blue sky and pretty flowers!

It was a freaking Super Highway compared to Dead End Trail.

Better traction, no Crisco-coated rocks.

Of course, sh*t still happens if you’re distracted by the view...

I think it was right here that Radek told us he and Lica had figured out his overheating problem.
A fuse, of all things!
Nice to have that resolved - what a relief.

Oh, wow. It was gorgeous.
If only we had been here an hour or 2 earlier.

We barely had enough light for photos.

This one is nice and clear - it’s Lica’s.





Bet this would be stunning on a sunny afternoon...
it must be nice to have time to relax and take it all in...

Instead, we had to hurry through.

Looking back at Osito.


I really wish it hadn’t been so dark.
It was getting too late to snap pics while moving...

Even when we stopped my photos were dark.

Lica’s were a little better.

I got a lot of this business...

Lead King Basin.
Is that the way you go to see Crystal Mill?
(edit - Matt figured it out. We had just come from Lead King Basin.
so, to see the Mill, we would have had to take the other road to Marble. Along the river.
Most people are going down Schofield and they take that road out)

Getting close to the "good" stuff...

Lica, Radek and Osito went ahead...

Shortly after I snapped this, it was our turn.

I don’t know how this photo turned out!

Radek taking a photo of us...

Nice one! Thanks, Radek.

Looking back the way we came...

Getting ready to head up to the hard parts...
I think that was the Devil’s Punchbowl on our left?
Couldn’t see much except the falls.

My photo of the falls didn't turm out very well.

I guess this is a good place for the video.
It might be a little long, but it includes the ride to the punchbowl
and the water crossing at the end.

HD if you can! It’s a very low-light video, so it gets pretty grainy.

I don’t know about Radek, Lica and Osito, but Matt and I have very little recollection about Schofield Pass...
Without photos and video, we couldn't remember much.

About the video -
Matt says he was “blowing bubbles” going up the pass.
And that he’s happy he didn’t talk too much on camera.
What made this so hard was having it at the end of a long day.
After the mud, after Dead End trail.

Being at 10,000 ft elevation didn't help us flatlanders any, either.

Matt was so exhausted, he was nervous about taking the outside line with me on the back.
But, if you ever try and go up Schofield - take the outside line!

Later on, while we were pushing/pulling the bike up,
I definitely freaked him out by being so close to the edge of the cliff,
but I was fixated on the bike and didn’t think about anything else.

Oso Stupid.

OK, here are some photos. I had to really bump the exposure to get these to work.
Radek helping Matt with the bike. I did my best, but it was soooo heavy.
Thank you, Radek!

Looking back at Radek’s bike.

Matt and Osito.

Lica and Osito? Not sure.

This is Radek's photo of Lica. Look at that sliver of trail on the edge of the cliff!

Go, Lica!

I think this is Radek riding Osito's bike up (Ceasar is tough, but this section called for an extra-long inseam).

Later on we figured out why our lights (55 watt HID) were so dim - the lens was coated with mud.

Go, Osito!

Lica = Oso Stoked! Man, it's easy to forget he was hurt...

Lica was the guinea pig for the water crossing - he did great!

Matt and Lica, ready for Osito to cross...

Had one last section of rocks to get through...

Then it was pavement to Crested Butte.

We stopped at this gas station - I think Osito was almost out of gas?

Haha, I have no idea why Radek is holding up 8 fingers...
Maybe he was saying that we were 8 letters into “adventuRe?”

OMG - I LOVE this photo!
Can you hear Lica yelling?
“Yaaaaaaaaah!!! Osooooooooo!!!”

Meanwhile, Matt is all - “Buy! sell! buy! sell!”
(no, he’s talking to Scott)

The guys were starving - Oso Hungry!
But, everything seemed to be closed.
Luckily, Scott saved the day by ordering pizza.

Haha, here’s what happens when you make mud your favorite!

Our lights were so filthy. No wonder Matt couldn’t see anything.

Getting into Gunnison.

When we left Reno, I gave everyone a list of all the motels were were staying at -
Names, addresses, phone numbers, reservation info.
So they knew where to meet.
They thought it was silly at the time, but it worked out great today.
Scott and Bartek were able to check in and secure all 3 rooms.
Thanks, guys!

Home sweet home.

For some reason, Matt put in Super 8 (we were staying at the Rodeway Inn).
Anyway, 16 hours later - Day 4 is in the books!

Not only did they have pizza, but beer, too.
Yay, Goggles Pizano! Thanks, buddy :)

“Great Moments Deserve Great Pizza”

Bartek. He was about the only Oso who was fully clothed at this point.

Poor guy, he couldn’t drink beer because of his meds.
I’m sure he was hurting, but he said he was “good.” El Bartek is always good.

Smartek - thanks for hanging in there!

It was a rough day for team Oso Loco.

Day 4 casualty list:

1 partially separated shoulder - Bartek
1 lost blinker, smashed windscreen + bent handlebars - Bartek

1 sprained knee - Lica

1 $250 ticket (illegal pass) - Scott
But, on the plus side - Radek figured out his overheating problem
and it was only going to cost him a 10 fuse to fix it. Yay!

What's that saying?
If you're going to be dumb, you better be tough.

That's our motto, here at Wan Industries.

Or, maybe, "Stupid is as stupid does?"

I don't know. One of the two.

The Osos did a great job of adopting the slogan(s) - for better or for worse.

OK, hope everyone has a great weekend!
Matt and I spent ALL frickin' day working on the video for Pearl Pass and it's still not ready.
I'm fried.

He went to bed over an hour ago. I gotta go, even if there are typos in this post.
Good night!

Oh, CB160! You snuck in there...
Aw, thanks, and thank you for reading!
Hope you have a great weekend, too!

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Kelly, you are the best!!!... Thanks for sharing what some of us can't find time to do :) And you do it soooo well :)
Hope you have a great holiday weekend :)

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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